Since 1992, AC&RC has provided environmental services involving the assessment, remediation and long term improvement of indoor air. The continual experience, training and certifications obtained continuously over these 25 years have provided the basis to perform these services in a Home Care, Business, Day Care and Health Care settings. The company is located in NE Pa. and provides regional coverage in Pa., NY, NJ and De.

The technology of combining HEPA filtration, C-UVC light and UVGI irradication has been dramatically improved with the advent of Aerobiotix. Their research, development, patents and white paper research and certification process have produced unprecedented documented results. The removal of 99.9% “bioburden” from the air in a single pass was not even possible until now. Odor and airborne chemical (V.O.C) removal using a Zirconium oxide process has far out performed the activated charcoal media filters previously used. This technology is all combined in a single unit.

Air Care is now providing this product line to this region as well as the rest of the Continental USA. We are a national Distributor and Dealer training Center for the region. We provide for direct acquisition of the product line for Home Care, Business, Day Care and Health Care clients.

There are also optional low cost, extended leasing programs available for Business, Healthcare and Daycare clients. Home Care purchases can also be made through a multi payment schedule with approved credit. All product warranties from the Manufacturer are maintained by Air care as well as preventative maintenance plans and services.

Please do not hesitate to contact an IEP (Indoor environmental Professional) to discuss your needs and provide long term solutions to individual environmental challenges.

Leadership Team

David Kirschman, M.D.

David Kirschman, M.D.

Founder and CEO

Dr. Kirschman (Dr. K) transitioned from neurosurgical practice in 2006 to enter the medical device industry. He founded an international manufacturer and marketer of surgical implant systems, and is an inventor and entrepreneur with an extensive background in the clinical and corporate aspects of the medical device industry.

In 2013, Dr. K founded Aerobiotix, Inc. a new company dedicated to enhancing air quality for medical and consumer markets. Dr. K has more than 50 issued patents for a wide range of medical devices. He received his BS in Biological Science cum laude from Colorado State University and M.D. from University of Colorado School of Medicine.