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Negative Pressure Germicidal System

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  • Generates 0.2 WC” of negative air pressure at intake nozzle
  • Unique semi-rigid intake can be placed near contamination source
  • Easy to replace disposable nozzle with prefilter
  • Portable and can be deployed in patient rooms, ERs and other areas where negative pressure and/ or outdoor venting is not available.
  • Exhaust air is treated with advanced ultraviolet irradiation and HEPA filtration
  • Medical grade 99.97% efficiency HEPA
  • Solid state crystalline C-UVC system with improved germicidal efficiency
  • Air flow of 250 cubic feet per minute
  • Exhaust can be routed out of room or outdoors with attachable flexible duct
  • Exhaust can be released back into room to create a localized zone of negative pressure near intake nozzle
  • Electronic filter life indicator


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