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Professional Air Treatment System

The latest in in-room recirculation-purification-disinfection technologies combining high flow of 500 CFM with reduced footprint, variable output, and real-time air particulate monitoring.

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  • Electronic air quality display
  • Indicates PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10
  • Temperature and Humidity Germicidal validation – single pass
  • 100% viruses
  • 99.97% bacteria
  • 99.91% spores
  • Up to 500 CFM Airfow
  • 10 ACH in 20’x 20’ room
  • 115 VAC – Standard Outlet
  • Variable speed
  • 64 watt internal germicidal UV-C
  • Quartz germicidal chamber
  • Filter life display
  • LED lamp integrity indicators
  • Full steel construction
  • Easily changeable pre-filter
  • HEPA Post-Filter 24” x 12” x 12”

In-room HEPA and Ultraviolet Air Treatment Unit

  • Maximum reduction of airborne bioburden
  • Validated elimination of bacteria, viruses and spores
  • Patented germicidal U.V. air disinfection system
  • Recirculates 500 cubic feet per minute without creating crosscurrents
  • No physical plant modification required
  • Small footprint and low noise
  • Total room air disinfection cycle every 8 minutes for a 20 x 20 SF room



Validation Study

Air samples were taken in two locations in an urban midwestern USA hospital setting. The location used was a 5 x 6m active general surgical operating room with standard positive-pressure ventilation of 20 ACH. The sampling locations were immediately behind the instrument table.

Viable particle levels were determined using laser-induced fluorescence. Samples were taken with the C-UVC device in place, but turned off, and then repeated after 30 minutes of the C-UVC device running. In each test modality, air samples were taken every 60 seconds, until the detected particle levels reached a stable equilibrium.

Samples were taken in two groups: operating room active baseline, operating room active after 30 minutes use of C-UVC unit. Results demonstrated a 95.1% reduction in airbone viable particles with the Aerobiotix unit.

GRAPH: viable particle count baseline and 30 minutes after device on.


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