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The Ultra V 250UV from Aerobiotix, installed by an HVAC professional, is designed to take your home’s environment to a new level of comfort and wellness.

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  • Air filtration, oxidation and disinfection for forced-air HVAC systems
  • Simple return-to-return installation using 8” round duct sections
  • Will not increase system backpressure
  • Designed for continuous operation or can be interlocked with furnace
  • Choice of 99.97% true HEPA or 95% MERV 15 filter
    Patented ultraviolet germicidal chamber creates air sink to maximize UV exposure
  • Germicidal validation – single pass: 100% viruses, 99.97% bacteria, 99.91% spores
  • State of the art photocatalytic oxidation using zirconium oxide catalyst
  • Reduces VOC and odors
  • 250 CFM self-powered air flow
  • 115 VAC , 1/5 HP, standard outlet
  • 32 watt internal germicidal UV-C lamps
  • LCD filter life display with warning
  • LED lamp life indicator
  • Powder-coated steel construction
  • Lamp life ~10,000 hours
  • Filter life ~6000 hours
  • Designed and assembled in USA
  • Five year limited no-hassle warrantee

Product Data

Dimensions 14 x 16 x 30 in


Trust the technology that hospitals use.

Your home is your sanctuary for family, friends and pets. Nothing is more important than maintaining a healthy and comfortable home. But there is more to your environment than just heating and cooling. Air quality is rapidly becoming a key concern to homeowners. Homes are becoming more airtight, and windows remain closed for much of the year. Indoor air is much dirtier than outdoor air: Burdened with viruses and bacteria which can cause disease, as well as pollen and chemicals which cause allergies and discomfort.

Advanced Design

  1. Contaminated air enters the unit from the furnace return via an 8” round duct
  2. Air first undergoes HEPA filtration to remove major contaminants and pollution
  3. Fan moves 250 cubic feet of air per minute through unit
  4. Ultraviolet chamber deactivates viruses, bacteria and spores
  5. Zirconium oxide catalyst breaks down VOCs and odors
  6. Clean air outflow to furnace, without pressure increase in ventilation system
  7. LCD readout displays percent countdown until filter change required
Simple installation to furnace return using 8” round duct sections

Lets clear the air

Furnace filtration is not enough. The Ultra V 250UV from Aerobiotix featuring physician-developed disinfection technology is designed to take your home’s environment to a new level of comfort and wellness. With three separate ways for purifying, disinfecting and treating your air, the Ultra V system is a complete air management tool addressing pollution, allergens, and germs. Contained in a compact, self-powered unit next to your furnace, a DOE-type 99.97% HEPA filter removes pollution, sustained ultraviolet disinfects, and photochemical oxidation treats volatile organic compounds and odors.

The technology in Ultra V was independently tested at the prestigious Research Triangle Institute (RTI) laboratory to confirm performance against viruses, bacteria and spores.


The first line of defense against fine pollution. The Ultra V system is the only residential air purifier which uses a US Department of Energy-type HEPA filter. This is the same design used to protect workers in the nuclear industry. This 99.97% filter diverts particles from the airstream onto the surface of the filter material rather than through the material for maximum efficiency.


This state of the art technology uses a unique catalyst, zirconium oxide, to break down unwanted chemicals in the airstream, such as volitile organic compounds (VOCs) and the complex molecules which cause household odors.


Designed by a medical doctor, the patented ultraviolet system temporarily slows air down to maximize UV exposure. In laboratory tests, this technology inactivated over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and spores in the airstream. This technology is being used in prominent medical centers to reduce germs in operating rooms.

The whole-home solution

Our technology works in concert with your existing central ventilation system to efficiently treat your home’s air without the use of multiple room-based units. Unlike regular furnace filters or duct HEPA filters, our technology will not increase the back pressure in your ventilation system– making your system work harder and decreasing efficiency. The Ultra V 250UV purifies 250 cubic feet of air each minute, and delivers it into your furnace return. The system can be set up to run continuously or start when your furnace starts.

Safe and Sound

The Ultra V system uses sturdy steel construction with state of the art sound deadening to minimize the introduction of noise or vibration. The system has been carefully engineered to avoid the release of harmful compounds such as ozone, titanium dioxide, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. The system has been fully tested for electrical safety to national and global standards for HVAC equipment.


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